Acey Entangled

The destinies of an all-powerful Emperor and an orphaned girl – COLLIDE!

This is how it all began…

It is said that about twenty-seven thousand years ago, a desperate attempt to save humanity in the form of a generation ship left the mythical planet of Terra. Using sub-light propulsion, these astonishingly brave humans managed to survive as they skipped from barely survivable world to world. Until they came to a nearly perfect world that had been abandoned for at least fifty thousand years. The Terrans moved in, naming this world Nuwerth. The most obvious clue that this world had once been populated was the giant ring artifact in geosynchronous orbit. And later, a disturbingly strange artifact that came to be known as the Book of the Elder Gods. Though it was not a book at all, it was a keystone to the secret technology of the World Gate, as the giant ring was named. It took a group of scientists, the Menseh Theliot Brotherhood, nearly two centuries to discover how to transverse the World Gate portal to other almost perfect worlds throughout the galaxy- and maybe even further. Thus began the Great Expansion that led to an Empire of a million worlds or more. Twenty-five thousand years later, this dysfunctional and unwieldy Gated network of planets was ruled by Vasselius XXIII, an Emperor chosen from the Arcturan Barony.

In the year 26020 GE (Galactic Era), on the barren mining world of Peregrin, located at the edge of the Empire, a wrongfully disgraced Master Scientist, Edouard Mendeleros, lives with his granddaughter, Acey, and grandson, Quin. When Mastersci Mondeleros’ grand project is complete, he plans to return to the Delagua, the Throneworld of the Empire to deliver it to the Emperor, who has promised, in return, to restore him to his august position of Chief Mathmatist of the Menseh Theliot Priesthood, the official religious institution of the Empire. But his granddaughter Acey has other plans, and they don’t involve leaving the Miner’s Daughter Tavern and Inn, where her new boyfriend has finally noticed her.

Lawrence J. Dunlap


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  • Whitehorse Post 1 Imperial Year 25026 GE. Acey Mondeleros, Edouard’s granddaughter sprawled, loose-limbed, across a rose-colored window seat in the residence’s study. She tapped long fingers on the fabric staring daggers at her comm unit willing it to buzz. The large minimally furnished study on the third floor of the Institute was offhandedly luxurious. Crown…

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  • It’s my intention to finish the science fiction novel I’ve been working on for nearly two years open to the public eye. There are several reasons for this, but most important, it’s to get feedback from readers of speculative fiction, and if I do well, I hope for their support. ACEY Entangled is a high-concept,…