Acey Entangled

The destinies of an all-powerful Emperor and an orphaned girl – COLLIDE!

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  • Whitehorse Harbor

    Whitehorse Post 1 Imperial Year 25026 GE. Acey Mondeleros, Edouard’s granddaughter sprawled, loose-limbed, across a rose-colored window seat in the residence’s study. She tapped long fingers on the fabric staring daggers at her comm unit willing it to buzz. The large minimally furnished study on the third floor of the Institute was offhandedly luxurious. Crown…

  • ACEY Entangled

    It’s my intention to finish the science fiction novel I’ve been working on for nearly two years open to the public eye. There are several reasons for this, but most important, it’s to get feedback from readers of speculative fiction, and if I do well, I hope for their support. ACEY Entangled is a high-concept,…